Meditation. Healing. Teaching.

Pranic Arogyam

Pranic Arogyam is an authorised Pranic Healing treatment and training center.
Pranic Arogaym deals with healing of various minor, severe & chronic physical & psychological ailments.

Here at Pranic Arogyam, we are a team of proficient healers who are ready to serve you with healing of relationship & to have a better peace of mind.

Our Story

Inception of Pranic Arogyam: Pranic Healing group of Thane was founded by Mr. Aditya Raool
in year 2010. It was about 30 Pranic Healers who regularly gathered on weekends and started Pranic Healing practice. Later when the group increased to about 70 students, Pranic Healers from Thane joined hands and started the 1st Pranic Healing Center in Charai, Thane.

The center was inaugurated on 17 July 2012 and thus the journey of Pranic Healing Center accelerated to such an extent that there were 100+ students trained in just few years of time.
The place for center was too small to accommodate larger groups. Thus the founder & group members decided to move to a bigger place.

The 2nd center was inaugurated on 15th Nov 2015 with organizing Basic Pranic Healing workshop at New Center. The batch strength was 11 students & workshop was conducted by Mr. Aditya Raool.
Day by day activities, workshops and healings were increasing and in just next 2 years of time we decided to move to a much bigger space. And in the month of May 2017 we inaugurated the 3rd Pranic Healing center which is a 2-storey building with separate rooms for Healing, Workshops, Meditation & discussions.

Our Pranic Healing Group Thane then decided to take up a brand name called Pranic Arogyam.
Now we welcome you all to join us at our new center.

Our Inspiration

Our true inspiration to start a new healing center is our mentor Mr. Amol Joshi. As he taught us Basic Pranic healing, we have seen him growing spiritually & Financially.
As youngsters we have so many opportunities to excel in life however Aditya was more inclined towards spirituality and healing practices.
As he discovered that healing can generate blessed money, he decided to take it up as a career.

Shashank and Nandita also joined in this noble vision right from the beginning of the group. With the support of other members, this trinity has been inspiring other youngsters to take up Pranic Healing as a career.

Team Pranic Arogyam

Team Pranic Arogyam consists of Healthy, Dynamic, Motivated, Inspiring & Humble Volunteers of GMCKS. We are proficient Pranic Healers with specialised Healing Skills.

Aditya Raool

MSc Biochemistry, Advance Diploma in Food Science & Quality Control.
Yoga Instructor-Practitioner for 15 years.

Aditya is the founder of Pranic Arogyam Thane and instrumental in spreading Pranic Healing (PH) in Thane district. From childhood his inclination towards spirituality led him to learn PH.
He is a continuous motivation & inspiration to many fellow PH. Over the years, he has developed as a skilful healer in treating severe psychological cases like fear (phobias), emotional disturbances, etc.
He has excelled his healing skills in treating pregnant ladies, and miraculous healings of aches & pains.
He is the mentor for many PH from Mumbai and he regularly conducts nurturing sessions and intensive practice sessions. The ability to deliver a complicated subject into very easy manner is the special feature of his lectures.
One of the consistent practioner of (Arhatic Yoga)AY, who has developed Higher intuitions and using these skills in healing as well as leading a group of 800+ PH in Thane.

Miraculous Healings – Lungs Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Fresh Burns, Fresh Wounds.

Shashank More

M.A. Yoga.

A very down to earth and honest personality. He has good convincing skills.
In his early 20’s, he tried various jobs in Jewellery Industries. Then in his late 20’s he met Aditya during a Yoga Workshop and he became a strong support of PHG Thane.
A very consistent Healer who produces super successful results in various physical ailments.
He is an expert in healing of Cancer cases. Over 40 Cancer patients were healed by him of which one is miraculous recovery of Lung Cancer patient.

Shashank is a very humble Instrument of GMCKS Who is always ready to heal and help.

Nandita Tandel

Computer Teacher.

Nandita is the most humble, punctual & particular healer of Pranic Healing Group. Just by her presence many of the students feel half healed due to her extremely caring and loving nature.
She is another strong support of Pranic Healing Group Thane and is instrumental in anchoring PH in Thane city.
In an organisation the important ingredient is people. Nandita is the backbone behind continuous functioning of the Center.
She is a proficient healer in treating aches and pains.

Nandita is developing skills in healing of Gastro Intestinal ailments & Skeletal System ailments.

Pratamesh Mistry

BMS, Healer, Yoga Instructor, Wild Life Photographer ,Technical Master, Creative Personality

Chhavi Prakash

B.A. (Sociology), Healer, Event Manager, School Teacher, People Person

Sayali Vinerkar

Healer, Homemaker, Extrovert

Shweta N Karnik


Sucheta Pande, Ecced, Healer, school teacher, Empathetic personality

Sangeeta Patil


Jayashree Krishnan