Healing for Physical ailments

For All Major and minor Physical ailments like Aches and pains, Arthritis, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Endocrine Ailment, Digestion Problems etc

Fees: Range 300 to 500/- per session
monthly packages available

Healing for Emotions

For All Emotional and Mental (Psychological) Ailments like Stress, Anxiety, Fear-Phobia, Grief, Compulsive behaviours

Fees: 500/- per session
monthly packages available)

Deep Cellular Healing

Cellular Healing: Special Psychotherapy healing aimed at healing of deep rooted emotions and behaviour patterns

Fees: 700/- per session, monthly packages not available)

Healing for Immunity

Immune Back up: Healing for strengthen the immunity and improve digestion and blood Circulation

Fees: Range 300 to 500/- per session, monthly packages available)

Pebble therapy for Stress relief

Pebble therapy for Stress relief and deep Relaxation: consecrated crystals used to extract the stress and other pent up emotions

Fees: 1000/- per session , Duration 1:30 Hours)

Healing services for whole Family

Healing services for whole Family: Healing done for whole family per week to prevent possible ailments and Help in healing of existing ailments.

Fees: Monthly packages available)

Concentration Healing:

Concentration Healing: Especially for students to improve concentration and memory capacity during their studies.

Fees: 200 to 400 /- per session)