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    Meditation Healing Teaching

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    Reach out to your Inner Self
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    For your Mind, Body & Soul
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    An energy approach to life

Pranic Healing is a highly advanced no touch & no medicine, energy healing therapy, which is aimed at resolving variety of physical, emotional, financial & relationship issues. And improvising on the spiritual quotient of an individual.

GMCKS developed standardized Healing procedures & protocols so that any ordinary person can read, follow and produce miraculous healing results.

Scientists believe that man’s whole body consists of visible physical body & invisible energy body, also known as Bioplasmic Body. According to the law of correspondence what affects the physical body affects the energy body and vice versa.

When we have medicine, it releases certain chemical compounds which act on cells & carry out body’s metabolism.

However, in Pranic healing the energy is transferred in the form of light energy which is invisible to naked eyes but when this energy is absorbed by the cells it is transformed into chemical energy and then cells themselves carry out the normal metabolism.

Upcoming Sessions

Watch this space for our upcoming Sessions.

Atma Namaste!!

Pranic Arogyam is an authorised Pranic Healing treatment and training center.
Pranic Arogaym deals with healing of various minor, severe & chronic physical & psychological ailments.
Here at Pranic Arogyam, we are a team of proficient healers
who are ready to serve you with healing of relationship & to have a better peace of mind.

The Founder

Founder of Modern Pranic Healing Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, through his research and experiments, conceptualized a comprehensive method that helps in cleansing and energizing the energy system which pervades the physical body, thus accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself. Through his teachings and practical application of Pranic Healing, he demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing not only the physical being but also the psyche.

Students often refer to GMCKS as a "scientist of the soul". Master Choa Kok Sui's educational background in the field of chemical engineering helped him in devising methods that are testable and replicable. The scientific art or the artful science of modern Pranic Healing was developed through rigorous experimentation, research and validation techniques over many years.